Monday, April 29, 2013

The Art of Life

Facebook share. Pretty interesting. Got a few likes and a few dissonant comments. Didn't really give much of a thought to it at first. But then when i accidentally clicked the source file and went to the original picture post and saw the nature of comments there, it made me start to think a whole lot more deeper into the symbolism of the picture.

Art, i believe, should never be completely defined by the Artist. The greatest works of art, whether they be paintings, movies or music, are ones that speak to the soul of the audience, visually or aurally, and stir up feelings inside the heart of the viewer. Great art isn't shoeboxed into certain interpretations or opinions, it isn't defined by critics or the artist him/herself. It is experienced differently by everyone who feels it.

And beyond the experience of the gallery, the artist himself cannot shoehorn his piece of art into a particular corner of creativity. Because, when one creates a work of art, one basically makes material what his/her immaterial soul feels at that point. And we as humans, change from moment to moment in how we feel. Therefore, the state of mind and heart that the artist may have been in when he chose to start it, when he is in the process of creating it and when he is done finishing it, can never be truly constant.

This painting was done by Adolf Hitler. Probably the greatest mass-murderer in History, modern or ancient. One of the most reviled figures of all time. So, should this painting be judged as such? As a work of art that is forever tainted by the Jew-hating, Megalomaniacal legacy of its creator?

I think its a nice painting. Gives off a pleasant feel and captures the mood very well. I'm a christian by the way. And i really have no issues with Jews. 

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