Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Walking Corpse

We are but walking corpses
With the breath of life yet to leave us
Our world is made of structures and rules
all made to give a semblance of necessity
To a people that need purpose
And need a reason to survive
Our actions are governed by the thoughts
Of those who want to create action for action's sake
A large circle, endless in its spiral
We are trapped in the loop of our dimensions
There is nothing essential about us to the earth
For the earth itself is not essential to the universe
And the universe itself exists just so benign may be created,
Or is that its be all and end all?
Give me vitality, Give me inspiration, Give me spirit
But give me nothing, for nothing exists, whereas everything is just a withering dream
The dark of me asks me why life exists
Most of the time now i can answer it
But then from time to time, i know
There is no answer, and that is the truth of it
Yet i exist, for existence's sake,
Covered up by the illusions that make up reality
Take yourself out for a few moments,
From the dregs of society and the daily routine you have been forcefed
And created for yourself to pace yourself with your surroundings
Look for a purpose, and you'll find none
And that itself, is purpose

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