Sunday, July 31, 2016

Timeless Passion : Introduction and Rules

Time and Again, whenever I've tried to write an article focusing on one of my personal passions, I always seem to hit a snag. Rather than writer's block, it's more like a lack of focus. You see, as I expect any one else who has a passion will understand, once you start talking about something you're passionate about, it's really hard to stop. Also, it can be very hard to decide on what exactly I'd like to talk about. I always fear that I would start rambling and lose cohesiveness and so in the end I always stop at the starting line.

So, to rectify the situation I have decided to come up with this idea. I shall start writing a new mini-series of sorts on this blog, one which follows certain rules and a guideline to help keep me in context. So, here are the introduction and rules that I will use to the best of my ability in the various posts.

1) PASSION - Firstly, I shall now define what I believe constitutes a passion. People can have likes and enjoy doing various activities, but at what point does something cross over from merely like to actual passion?
To make it simple, you could say it's when you start doing/following something regularly for your own pleasure and/or sense of fulfillment. And more than that, it's when something that you have no material investment in can make you feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart beat faster.
Basically, an emotional investment.

Now, it is obvious that a passion that has burnt longer can be more noticeable but it's very possible for someone to discover their passions at a later point of time and it makes it no less significant to the person, so:
2) NO PARTICULAR ORDER OR TIMING - This will be a disjointed and irregular series. Since I believe Passions need to be let out naturally, I will not write posts on them just because of a routine. Whenever I feel like it, I will write about it. Every Post that is about a passion will be given the main title of 'Timeless Passion'

3) CONTENT - Whenever I write an article under the main headline of 'Timeless Passion', it will solely be about the particular passion as the main subject and not as the basis for an offshoot into one of its branches. For example, I have already written a post titled 'ZoHammer : Tale of a Football lover' but that doesn't qualify for this series because it's a post from a personal point of view focusing on a specific influence of Football in my life.

Also, the 'Timeless' in the title isn't just for naming purposes, it signifies that I will talk about the passion from the knowledge I have built up about it, with a kind of historical timeline as well as why I believe the passion exists from a sort of sociological perspective.

4) DISCLAIMER : I do not claim to be a scholar or expert on any of these subjects. I am just a really passionate fan who has built up his own perspective and knowledge about it and use it to fashion my passion further. There might be instances where I might give out misinformation due to my own ignorance, so if anyone reads these posts (as well as any article or post on the internet for that matter, written by anyone) and are really interested in them as well, I would like you to always check up on anything you might want to from another source instead of blindly accepting my words as fact.

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