Sunday, July 8, 2007

Edenrock Song 1

Title - Hold On

Moving in the shadows
Listening to what people say,
the world's so dark,
or is it too hard to see

Im looking for a light
to show me the way
Awake through the night
Waiting for the day


{Hold On
Dont stop on your way
Press on
Dont you go astray
Cos the light of the world
will help you now and forever more
Jesus Christ, Son of God}

Walking in the rain
Trying to get a hold on life
The night's full of pain
Is the sun ever gonna rise

Im looking for a clear sky
to bring me the light
Sometimes a silver lining
You just cant get in life


When you feel like
you're falling down
When you feel like
you cant see where you're going
Just hold on to Jesus
) - 2 times


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