Sunday, July 8, 2007

Edenrock Song 2

Waking to a life
I thought i'd never have
My taste of freedom
In a world with none to spare

Open up your eyes
Wipe away your tears
There's freedom in the lord
you have nothing to fear


{They can always take us, but they can never break us
They can never take our freedom in god
They can take our bodies, but never our souls
They can never break our faith in god

And as we go on
We'll always know
With god on our side
We're never alone
And as we go on
And live our lives
We'll always remember
His sacrifice}

Living our lives
It soon becomes clear
Hard to tell apart
What to love or what to fear

Will we ever change it all
Will we ever see it done
Will salvation take us all
When our time on earth is done


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