Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shuffle and Sweep!

Time slows down, Surroundings blur, Noise gets zoned out and your body goes limp in the arms of 'The One' as he hoists you and carries you into the sunset. Congratulations you have just been swept off your feet. And Congratulations, you're a Drama Queen.

Now now, before you call me a fuddy duddy unromantic stick in the mud, i have nothing against this particular scene. If two people are actually able to enact this scene naturally, and share a special moment in their lives, more power to them. I personally would love this happening to me in the future, though how long i can hold the lucky damsel (or is that unlucky) in my arms would be a predicament.
What i do have an issue with, is that people, and not just women, believe that it is some sort of stamp of approval for 'the relationship'. Some even take it to mean its a sign of a romantic story that ends with a Happily ever after. I've been in two relationships and both had similar circumstances and moments played out. Take note that the last sentence was written in the past tense.
Are you sure that you want to stake the entirety of a relationship, with its complexities, little nitpicking moments, misunderstandings and adjustments, on one sole, admittedly special moment? No matter how perfect its played out?

While men obviously want to make the best impression on women and will try their best TO sweep them off their feet, i think i can say on behalf of most men, we'd be pretty happy with just a shuffle of the feet in our general direction. It doesn't even have to be a confident pitter-patter of excitedness. A nervous, clumsy stumbling shuffle is many a times more comfortable for the guy himself, who isn't exactly in his comfort zone either. When you think about it, how can he be? When his actions and demeanour are measured against the standards of such stalwarts like Clark Gable, James Dean, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and Hugh Grant.

Men truly interested in a relationship are not looking for an instantaneous 100% satisfactory response. The woman that looks dreamily into the eyes of a guy she doesn't even know that well, and says she loves him just because he gave her one special moment doesn't sound overtly healthy.
Contrary to popular belief, we can actually play the deep, patient, understanding partner if given the chance. But to do so, we would like a little nod to show us the way. It doesn't have to be an obvious signboard with blinking fluorescent lights, just a little sign of approval that can make us feel like we're not obsessed stalkers as we go about dedicating our life, piece by piece to another human being who hopefully shares her life too.

I AM a romantic. I believe in the whole old school Chocolates, Flowers and Walking hand in hand through a Garden shtick. But i have to admit, the whole sweeping off the feet thing is an impossible situation, the way most women imagine it to be. The 'right guy' does not just pop out of the blue, the Knight in Shining armor doesn't always come riding in a White Horse. Sometimes by the time he arrives, he's removed his armor, thrown away the sword and shield and gotten off his horse so that he can stand face to face with his princess, and feel her touch as he hugs her passionately. And most of the times he's a person you've already known in your life, but never looked at in a certain way.

Sometimes the feeling of getting swept off your feet doesn't happen with a guy in a tux and a girl in a gown in a perfectly lit evening with a romantic background and gasping cheering onlookers. Sometimes it happens as you sit side by side watching a show together, as you walk in a crowded street with the guy making way for the girl.
Sometimes, the sweeping off of the feet comes AFTER your relationship is solidified and you know that you can truly trust the person you are standing with, or hovering in the air in his arms with. And in many ways, that can be THE most special way of being swept off your feet.

Note : This is just me rambling on, not self-referential at alllll >_>

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