Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am in Love

I am in love.

I’ve touched her already, felt her hand in mine as we walked down a snowy street
I’ve held her close, under an umbrella as rain poured down close to the bridge over the stream
I’ve looked into her eyes as I said the sweet nothings that one has to say when you’re huddled near a fire.
I’ve danced with her, giggling our way through a slow, clumsy ballroom number
I’ve walked with her, through sunkissed fields of sparse, knee-high wheat and grass
I’ve laughed with her, watching our favourite comedy sprawled on our favourite couch
I’ve whispered in her ears, as we looked across the glass-like lake that stretched before us
I’ve cried with her, sharing her sorrow as she went through a loss in her life
I’ve smiled at her, as she did the wonderful little things that she did so adorably well
I’ve given her a piggyback ride, as we went on a trek together up a mountain
I’ve splashed water at her, as we both ran into the sea with the sun setting in the horizon
I’ve held her up on my shoulders, so that she could see the band performing in the concert better
I’ve waited mock impatiently, as I followed her through the crowded throngs of shoppers in a mall
I’ve fought with her, then apologised and made up with her, over one of the many silly things that life throws at you
I've hugged her hard, seeing her again after i had to leave her side for the short whiles necessary
I’ve fought for her honour, against whoever would stand in her or our way
I’ve been seasick with her, because she wanted to feel the seabreeze from the deck of a seaborne boat
I’ve fed her soup and taken care of her, when she fell sick with one of the maladies of existence
I’ve stared at her while she was asleep, only to close my eyes quickly when she seemed to wake
I’ve cooked her a surprise dinner, after secretly going to one of those cooking lessons that are made for hasty but well meaning guys like me
I’ve lied down next to her, on the side of a hill as we looked up together at the starry night sky
I’ve written songs for her, that I perform as she looks on in a small bar with dim lights and cheap drinks
I’ve covered her with my jacket, on the eve of a wintry, windy day as we walked through the park
I’ve bought her flowers and chocolate on a perfectly droll day, for no reason other than to make her smile
I’ve hid her presents in a secret place, as I pretended to forget her birthday till the last moment
I’ve written her beautiful poems, which even all together could not hope to capture everything that she means to me
I’ve spent restless nights thinking about how I would propose to her in ways that she might never forget

I have done all these things not unconditionally, but because she loves me back too.

I am in love. I just haven’t found out who with yet.

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