Monday, July 22, 2013

Debunking the myth of Love

Love is an interestingly complex thing. The discussions about it that I’ve had with others, and the experiences I’ve had of my own have led me to believe that you can’t really contain it to one particular definition or one view.

So, here’s debunking a few myths about love.

Note :- This is very much a work in progress. If anyone has suggestions or criticisms, please feel free to comment. I will assess them from my own perspective and edit accordingly.

One : People can fall in love more than once.
Which also debunks, Two : Despite what you might believe after watching Serendipity, there is no one perfect person for you. There may, JUST may, be a person who fits what you look for perfectly, it doesn’t mean squat unless it actually works out that that person likes you back.
Three : There is NO definite path to love, even if you try to narrow it down to just one person. You can fall in love in so many ways and it differs for every person, every time.
Four : Being in love is NOT an emotion. Love is the emotion. Being in love is a state of being where the person chooses to give himself or herself into that emotion. And if two people choose to share that emotion, then it becomes a true romance. Otherwise, its just a relationship. 

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