Monday, June 4, 2007

First Chronicle of Onema

This is the chronicle of Onema, the thought, to John Angeldust of the host of spirit observing the Paladhrim, seeker of the truth - "Behold this chronicle, spoken in the words of man from the tongues of the demon, the chronicle which proclaims the arrival of the dark god to this plane of reality and realm of existance. Behold how he will use humanity's greatest weapon, its intellect and reasoning, against itself. It will kill, it will destroy, it will subjugate, and none of this will happen underground or away from the public eye but in the open for all to see. And this will be his greatest triumph, to use man's greatest gift, the gift of reason, which in truth was his gift to them. Do you know how this will happen, o spirit dwelling in mortal flesh, it will be because of humanity's pride. They work and toil and persevere in their little world and believe they have conquered all, all with their reason which has in truth led them far away from all that is faith. Faith and reason can co-exist, but not the reason and reasoning of man. For was this world not conceived in the reasoning of God, not of man? So it is that while humanity rallies itself to THINK about the probability, possibility and rationality of the coming of apocalypse, it will already have been upon them. And they, who's vanity in their works and superiority have built fortresses and cities, will be crushed under his bootheel by the same human vices." =:njldst:=

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