Monday, June 4, 2007

Who is he, the dark god?

From the tongue of Onema, the thought - " 'He' as you call him would be more correctly classified as 'it' in your tongue. IT has no name that can be pronounced in your tongue. IT has been proclaimed in existence in all religions and beliefs of humanity. In Greek mythology, he is called Prometheus. His accounts are not exact as is believed by the greeks of 2 millenia ago, but his deeds and punishments are same. He brought 'fire' to humankind which was indeed the knowledge which seemed to brighten the Human mind. Only in the Bible is his true nature unveiled, that of malice and hatred, of pain and veangence and most importantly, of trickery and deceit. For is not fire the source of light, that casts shadows and darkness under all objects?" =:njldst:=

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