Monday, June 4, 2007

Imagination - Friend and Foe

From the tongue of Onema, the thought - "Imagination, as is termed by humankind is the most powerful thing they possess which is their own. Faith and love are of greater power and value but are of Heavenly descent and they too do not have the power to weave through the minds and hearts of men as imagination does. It is our only link which is left intact to God, for it is the only quality unique to the creator and its creations. Imagination, when truly wielded with precision, can open gateways to worlds outside the boundaries of this dimension and yes, can even help in salvation and its attainment partially. But, the dark god is ever-scheming and has found the anti-thesis to this divine tool. For every right turn made by man in the way of pure imagination, his nightmares, the embodiment of his fears and the creations of the mind of men, can be used by IT. For, if IT could manipulate the creations of the creator, what is there to stop IT from manipulating the creations of the creation. IT's own form is itself derived from the minds of man, and so as man might take the short hourney to Divinity through the bridge of Imagination, it is a narrow one and one has three choices on the bridge - continue forward, turn back or fall down. And when they fall, it is pitiful what happens to them as the mental state, the soul of the man is torn apart and flung to far pieces of his own Void and is stuck in eternal purgatory." =:njldst:=

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