Friday, August 10, 2007

Children - Puppets??

In today's world in my view and in things that i have viewed, parents are more demanding than even the actual aims or goals which they try to force are. A parent believes that whatever they do for the child is for its own good and since they birthed the child it is their choice that should be given first priority in life. Why are children considered to have lack of ambition or goals in today's world?? Because from the age that they can understand language and comprehend speech, they are forced the ambitions and goals of their parents which prompts me to ask, are children to be treated as heirlooms?? As responsibilities instead of a living breathing soul who should also have his say in his life?? Granted, children do not truly understand what is good for them, but that does not mean a parent should take away or dash their dreams away. For god sakes, even the parents of today for all their talk of how they had it harder in their day, actually had it easier. Atleast, from wherever thaey came, from small streets or bad houses with bad lighting or whatever "unthinkable" conditions they came from at least had the liberty to choose and know what they could do in their lives. It almost seems sometimes that the parents worked hard only for their own gains and then force children that they bequeath to follow a set pattern of life that they believe is right.

Think about this : A child who wishes to become a bus conductor because he thinks it would be fun to ride a bus all day does not necessarily become a bus conductor. Let him have his dreams and so called ambitions instead of wiping them away roughly. When a child is threatened or scolded or even "adviced" on such matters the child can believe his choices are either not good enough or that their parents become bully's. Both ways, it is a negative impact on the child...

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Puii Colney said...

Very true!
one of my fave quotes “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”