Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rules of Engagement (Work in Progress)

This is NOT a how-to guidebook!!
I do not proclaim to be a person well versed in the art of starting, maintaining or even breaking up a relationship and i do not profess that these rules are the be all, end all of all Date related rules.
But these are the basic rules i personally believe in and try my best to adhere to when it comes to Dating and all that is related to them.

Note :- For archiving purposes mainly and is put up more for personal reasons rather than a public manifesto.


1. This should NEVER happen if you're in a relationship or even in a semi-relationship, ie, even if you are not talking to each other, as long as the relationship ties are not broken.
2. Make sure the other person is not in a relationship or in a semi-relationship. You can never be 100% sure, but make sure you cover all possible bases before you make a push.
3. No matter how much you think you've fallen in love with her or are attracted to her, ALWAYS ask her out on a date before all else. Firstly, 99% of the time its just a crush, not love, and Secondly, if its truly worth it, better to start it off right.
4. If she rejects your Date proposal, take it like a man and don't push it much. Take at least a week off to cool down and re-assess things and if you still can't stop thinking about her, tell her about your dilemma. If she's willing to go out the second time around, good for you. If not, then back away, for both your sakes.
5. If the girl happens to be directly related to one of your friends, notify the friend for sure, either before you approach the girl, or at least right after you have approached the girl. Do NOT try to hide it, and do NOT try to delay it.
6. If the girl happens to be directly/indirectly connected to an ex-girlfriend or flame, inform her after you've tried approaching her. unless you have been specifically asked by the girl not to inform the ex, and that too for a legitimate reason.


1. The First Date should be a hands off affair whose purpose is to test the waters, and verify your feelings for each other, NOT a kop-a-feel-first-chance-you-get debacle.
2. The venue must be a place where both of you will be comfortable preferably, and if that cannot be arranged, her comfort must be given importance.
3. If possible, PAY for at LEAST the food and most amenities on the first date.
4. Picking her up is preferable, but Dropping her back is ESSENTIAL, unless a major catastrophe takes place. This counts whether the date was a success or not.
5. Pay can be shared from 2nd/3rd Date Onwards.


Anonymous said...

Ka nau, i va han ziak tha em em ve!

proud of you for being sensibly sensitive.

-kop-a-feel- lai tak khi a pawimawh. :)

Njldst said...

Lol ka lom e ka U. And yes, the kop-a-feel is a big point, as i'm sure many unfortunate girls know

Anonymous said...

ilo va expert ve a Michael :D