Monday, July 22, 2013

Mine Moody Memoirs

Write. Whenever i seem to be stuck on something in life, i have a variety of ways to achieve escapism. One of them is to basically go crazy on my guitar or sing loudly locked up in some (hopefully soundproof) room. Another way is to write. Usually airing semi-dirty laundry on FB. And sometimes, for the more personal issues, on my blog. Which i've been doing a lot of late.

Now, there is a saying 'Emotion is the fuel of creativity'. Well, i think there is. If there isn't, there is now :P
And we humans are pretty emotional creatures. And some of us, like me, are pretty dramatic in a lot of ways. Now, i'm not saying that i'm a traditional dramaqueen. More like a moody, inquisitive, self-aware one (But lets not get into that. Let that be a reference for a future blog post topic. Pin on it. Boop.)
And when i get emotionally moody, and not too much that i can't properly harness it, i do get pretty prolific when it comes to my artistic senses. Now, for the 0.99% of you that might actually be following my blog, you would have noticed that quite a lot of the recent posts have been very...sappy of late. And if you have read those posts, then you'll also pretty much be able to figure out the basic reason for said sappiness.

Its such an interesting thing, what feelings can do to someone. In the creative sense. Words that i have always known, and maybe even used from time to time, combine in shapes and forms i never thought myself capable of thinking up. Instinct over intelligence. And the AMOUNT. The prolificacy with which i have been writing stuff in the recent days has astounded me. In addition to those posts that i have actually, you know, posted, i have drafted several others on similar related topics, which i have chosen, for now, not to post.

And as is evidenced by my current writing, the urge to write has not exactly stopped.
Well, atleast this is a fresh topic.

And it has proved to be a very good coping mechanism. Well, that and you know, actually confronting the subject of those moody emotions. Now, i feel much better about things in general AND those in specific.

I basically told myself (And with some nudging from my best friends), to basically let loose and write whatever came out of my head. Poems, articles, junk, music, lyrics. And its been so affirming.
I WILL probably look back someday and go all 'Yech' and 'Ugh, Cooties' when i read them again, but the fact is, for the time being, for right now, it has helped a huge deal getting them off my chest and onto my blog. And that's the whole point.

I will probably never be able to feel the same way, the same amount that i feel right now ever again. I will DEFINITELY still be my own dramatic self, but with every unique experience, a unique lesson is learnt. And a unique fuel is burned.

So, in conclusion, if you ever feel moody, sappy, emotional, good, bad, positive, negative, happy, ecstatic....LET IT OUT!!!!! You'll never be able to capture the moment again just like it is now.

Note :- You might want to follow my example of drafting it before publishing it first. Everything is good to be put out, but it would probably be best for all concerned if you didn't necessarily publicly post it without prudence :3

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